Newslink is changing to Today’s Vu

If you’ve been enjoying Newslink from C Spire Wireless, you’re going to love Today’s Vu.  Vu will continue to provide a great email service to you for the news articles that you are interested in, but there’s more. 

Vu is a personalized content recommendation system that allows you to get great content from sites all over the world.  First, create a Vu profile by going to  You can use one of your favorite trusted social networks, or log in with your email address.  Next, download Vu for Mobile.  Vu mobile apps will deliver you personalized content all day long so you’ll never miss the stories you’re really interested in.

Vu is available for iPhone and Android.

You’ll notice a new format with Today’s Vu.  It’s designed to give you quick headlines and interesting content from a variety of sources.  Let us know what you think.